Bus Exhibits
The typical list of bus and coach entries runs to about 80 vehicles, in all shapes, sizes and ages varying from museum exhibits and privately-preserved to current service vehicles. As with other classes, there are usually more potential entries than we can accommodate, so please apply early if you are keen to attend. We thank the owners, restorers and drivers of all vehicles for making the effort to reach Llandudno and hope that they will enjoy the event and join us again in the future.
A particular attraction of the bus exhibits is that they can often be enjoyed doing the job that they were designed for: carrying passengers.
Some entrants operate their buses to provide a free shuttle service between the festival ground and the centre of town.
Please respect the privacy of vehicle owners, and always seek permission before attempting to enter any vehicle for a closer look.
The entry is increased on Sunday with a number of Crosville buses which gather for the day.
Owners of the ex-Crosville vehicles met up to enjoy their hobby in company with vehicles running today within the old operating area.
On Saturday and Sunday evenings, departing at about 5:30 pm (ground conditions permitting), buses and coaches take part in the Conwy and Great Orme (single-deck only) road runs. Vehicle owners may take passengers from the Festival field at their discretion and depending upon their licensing permit. Additional tours run from Nant-y-Gamar Road according to demand. The photo-stop by the 'Rest and Be Thankful' Café, which marks the half-way point and highest part of the route, and there is usually a fine display of vehicles of all types laying-over for refreshments and photography. Absolutely one of the high points of the Festival!

A Flavour of the Festival

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